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Spring Allergen of the Day

Good day everyone. I thought that I would post today with some interesting information about a pollen that is relevant right now (or will be soon). I'm talking about trees. We love them for their shade and oxygen they provide us with but we hate their pollen. Tree pollen is usually present from mid-February to April. This season can vary somewhat due to environmental temperatures. Right now is Saint Louis the Juniper, Maple, and Elm are out but oak and many of the other trees have not yet started to produce pollen. So how do we avoid tree pollen exposure. First you can keep the windows of your car and home closed to keep the pollen out. Also if you are drying your clothes outdoors this can also be a source of pollen exposures. The best way to find out if you have sensitivities to tree pollens is to get skin tested for the allergens.

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