Allergies can make life harder

Do you wake up in the morning sometimes and feel that your nose is either a faucet or blocked like there is a brick wall there well you could be suffering from allergies otherwise known as allergic rhinitis. This can be due to a lot of different causes including your pets, unwelcome occupants of your house (cockroach, mice, dust mites), molds, or stuff that you brought in with you from the outside the day before. Decreasing your exposure to these things can help you feel better along with medications if you know what the triggers are. There are a couple of ways that you can figure out what exactly is triggering that waterfall including getting a skin test which is done by allergists and some ear nose and throat physicians or you can have a blood test to check for these sort of problems. The skin test is faster as you get your results right there in the office but you do have to not take allergy medications for a few days before the test. Information is power when it comes to your allergies.

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